Yes starter valves do wear out.....

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Yes starter valves do wear out.....

Post by 8541Hawk » Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:50 pm

This might have been missed in a different thread but it is something that folks need to be aware of as these bikes get older and should have its own thread.

I have had a "odd" carb issue that I have been chasing for a while now. The main symptoms were it felt "rich" at times in the top end (7K and above) and while it needed choke to start, it didn't like to run on the choke.
It was real easy to flood the engine and when it did start it would only run for less than 10sec before starting to load up.

So after going through everything else, I broke down and ordered a set of starter valves as I still had the original set in my bike..... not bad 20yrs on the plastic nuts, removed more times than I want to remember, and still in great shape.
Now for the valves themselves, I didn't realize how bad they were worn......

Can you pick out the new bit????...... :lol:


All the issues cleared right up and I am actually a bit amazed of how much of a difference this actually made.
So if your bike doesn't like to run with the choke pulled out (and you're not running overly rich) then it might be time for new valves :thumbup:
As for the top end issue, I believe the springs had weakened enough that the valve would back out slightly at high RPMs.......because the bike is really nice on the top end now..... :angel:
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Re: Yes starter valves do wear out.....

Post by sirch345 » Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:22 am

Thanks for posting that up Mike, you can certainly see the difference between the new and old worn out one.
Well found when tracking down the problem it was causing.

I have moved this to "The Workshop Knowledgebase" as I'm sure it could be helpful to others :thumbup:

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