UK/US VTR Project

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Re: UK/US VTR Project

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Re: UK/US VTR Project

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Whilst that looks damn smart, keep it looking like that, I'd seriously sort that rear paddock stand out! 8O

Tighten up all the bolts on the stand, as the bike is not far away from falling off it when the stand maybe (but hopefully not) folds completely!

Yes, OI know there are bolts going through the 2 bits of tubing, but it's the swingarm grabs on the stand I have concern with. A lot of stress is now on that edge, and they might bend completely, or fracture, leaving the bike dropping...and that'll not be good. :(

I had (and still have) 2 Moto GP stands for front and rear, and they go the same way. It's very unnerving halfway through a lift, and the stand twists to the side (making the bike move sideways). But, I now use an Abba stand, which is much easier, and I don't have to get me neighbour to help with paddock stands anymore (he used to keep the bike upright as I faffed about with the rear stand)

If it ain't broken...f*ck about with it until it is.

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