2 days at Snetterton

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2 days at Snetterton

Post by Beef » Tue Sep 04, 2018 12:27 pm

Just had 2 days on track at Snetterton, a bit eventful............

Failed noise test at 105db, repacked RH can only as it actually sounded louder than LH, retest was 95db so all good.
The CBR 600F4I brakes are bloody superb, absolutely love them....the are highlighting the forks again but this winter I will sort the forks fully as I only changed springs and oil.

Missed one session as the front carb was overflowing, I drained the bowl and it was fine again (it did this last year too) I will strip the carbs and give them a thorough clean. I also had the missing issue come back, it happens after prolonged WOT (Snetterton has 2 long straights) If I only used 98% (approx.) the issue never arose.

As I only have the one set of wheels, I opted for road tyres in case the weather wasn't great (I usually buy scrubs) I opted on a pair of Maxxis Supermaxx sport, took 3 sessions to scrub in (bike isn't road legal), only a few slides due to me being a bit necky! After that, they were awesome from cold, no issues what so ever, right over to the very edge the feeling was constant & at £127 delivered I am very happy with them. By the end of the 2nd day, they didn't look worn at all. I would highly recommend them.

So, this winter I shall be trying to sort the forks out a bit more, cleaning the carbs and taking out the fuel pump my mate decided to fit - which I can't fathom out why, I drained the tank by sucking on the vacuum pipe and the fuel flowed out faster than even a Storm could drink!! :lol:

I'm hoping Fabiostar can fit me in for a lightened flywheel, I'll get a pair of MCCT's fitted and give her some proper TLC.

Then I'll keep trawling eBay for a pair of wheels ready for next years fun 8)

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