Head Gasket availability

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Head Gasket availability

Post by E.Marquez » Mon Oct 08, 2018 5:32 pm

The only current source for head gaskets appears to be the OEM...and some are having failure sat least one trusted person has suggest may be due to old stock
COMETIC is a aftermarket gasket maker that is trusted by folks building motors from lawnmower to priceless. with everything between.

I use them exclusively other then OEM ones for head and base gaskets.

Currently they do not have a head gasket for the VTR1000F
I have been talking with Tech and sales for a few weeks now and just got off the phone with them...

If enough requests came in, they would consider producing a head gasket for this application....

The more that ask the better.
If your your a one motor a life time builder, say that, if you build or have the potential to build 3-6 a year say that...

The more folks that send a parts request, the more likely they are to produce it

Folks in the US sales@cometic.com write in and ask for the head gasket
Folks outside the US orders@cometic.com same thing
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