Petcock woes

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Petcock woes

Post by davebrannigan » Wed May 22, 2019 7:01 pm

Hi Folks, After flooding my engine with fuel following the failure of the fuel strainer I discovered that after cleaning the tank out and replacing the strainer the petcock was still passing fuel. The valve rubber seat was all distorted.

I bought a repair kit off the internerd and when it arrived the spring was squished flat. Waited a few weeks for a replacement and went to fit it tonight but there's a problem. With the normal spring pressure applied to the valve there is a clear gap (visible through the fuel take off ports) between the valve seat and the rubber so fuel still passes. With it stripped I need to apply a fair bit of finger pressure to get it to seat. It cannot be right. Anyone else had issues with this and where can I get a repair kit that works? I really don't want to flood the crankcases with fuel again...



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