New VTR 1000 today

Just post charts and set up details.
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Re: New VTR 1000 today

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lloydie wrote:I thought stg1 had hi comp pistons /hi lift cams/ port and polished heads / breather work done / full stage 1 exhaust like yours Carl .
Stage 2 more work and parts
Stage 3 warp drive

Warp drive
Tell me more :lol:
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Re: New VTR 1000 today

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warp drive reminds me of this

maybe that's what this guy has on his bike...a warp module

trying very hard to get over the 50 posts hurdle :lol:
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Re: New VTR 1000 today

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That's a thermos flask, not warp drive..
To me, stage one is bolt ons, stage two is inside engine, stage three is exotic mods.
Set the std bike up properly first, then if you can ride beyond the bike's capability, improve one stage.
It's not falling off, it's an upgrade opportunity.
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