Regulator / Rectifier Modification

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Post by bigwigbaz »

Have had the same problem with mine, though R/R was working intermittently!!! Started with battery going flat following the UK monsoon season (july this year). ALL WIRING checked out, and as i don't have a battery drop tester I couldn't check the condition. Assuming the battery was on the way out, I bought a new battery, fitted it and had the clocks go after about 50 miles, luckily close to home and on the way back. Only this time 2 phase wires were shorted. i got my overalls on and checked again, but wiring checked out ok!

Only when R/R got warm it was shorting out. With seat cowl off it became more obvious, some of the internal parts had melted and were showing through, a bit like a blob of solder sitting on the rubber insulation, and with it cool it could be made to short by pushing on the rubber in the centre.

I also have an NC35 which are prone to the same problem, I have replaced that with one off someone called Rick Oliver on I 'borrowed' this replacement R/R and it's still good now with my old battery. It is a direct replacement, hole centres the same, plug same etc. and nothing needs to be moved (flasher etc). Not sure if it's a capable unit for the VTR's heavier electrics but seems ok.

By the way I have a new battery for sale... Yuasa from memory, and has been kept in the warm. Anyone needing one in or near birmingham feel free to make me an offer.
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R/R mod

Post by jonesy »

Replaced r/r with r1 unit this week, nice and easy to do, and getting really nice strong voltage.
Makes you wonder why we bought honda units in the first place- especially at £55 a pop!
Have a friend with a 2001 r1, still on original battery and r/r, and has not ever heard of one failing.
no brainer really.....
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Post by NuttyTart »

Hi folks

We have a poll on the blade site about problems with rectifiers/regulators, it seems to be a major problem with honda's all round!!!!

It would be interesting to see how many 'other' honda's have the same problems as us with fireblades!

If you would be interested in joining in the poll (sorry but you have to register...thats the down side) it would be a very interesting read!!!!

We're putting together a fireblade magazine and in the first issue is about charging issues!!!!

The link to the thread is.... ... -t3059.htm


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Post by bikerpiker »

I won a R6 reg/rec on ebay last week for the pricely sum of £6.20, it arrived this morning, but i was a bit unchufed at finding it to be a pattern part, made by someone called TourMax :( ,and not the genuine Yamaha item :!:
The seller didn't mis describe it,he just said it was off an yamaha R6.

For anyone else deciding to bid for one on ebay, it maybe worth asking if its a genuine part.

Wasn't such a friggin bargain after all.....but,having said that,it might do a turn :!:
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Re: Regulator / Rectifier Modification

Post by knuckledragger »

Mega modification. I was gutted when the electrics went dead in heavy fog on the A1. Funny thing was I had read the thread on this mod just a few days before. So it was straight onto fleabay and bagged an R6 R/R from a broker for £20. Fitted it this weekend as per the instructions and everything is back to normal, apart from me.......why is it I turn into this 'Jeckl & Hyde every time I thumb the starter!!!

Regards to all.........
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Re: Regulator / Rectifier Modification

Post by Collywog19 » ... 761-0.html

So does that mean all those reg/rec's from those bikes listed would fit the storm?

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Re: Regulator / Rectifier Modification

Post by Beast »

By the looks of it, some sort of universal plug is included.
Most R/R's will work to be honest, just make sure it has 5 wires in total (3 for the pulse and a negative and positive).
Just that the R1/R6 units are larger and has great cooling fins with the heatsink built in, they dont get hot to be honest. :)

Updated the website and with the new forum link!
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Re: Regulator / Rectifier Modification

Post by Frontslide »

Collywog19 wrote: ... 761-0.html

So does that mean all those reg/rec's from those bikes listed would fit the storm?

I bought one off these a few years back for a vfr and it failed in less than 10 month's :cry:
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Re: Regulator / Rectifier Modification

Post by Beast »

And £10 would of got you one on ebay... this mod only takes approx an hour!

And i done this mod nearly 4 years ago and its still going strong...
Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2005 3:18 am
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Re: Regulator / Rectifier Modification

Post by Collywog19 »

Thanks for help guys. just fitted a r1 unit :)

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Re: Regulator / Rectifier Modification

Post by AMCQ46 »

For those who would rather have a plug in solution using the new finned Honda parts, one of the members in the USA superhawk forum [thanks residentg :thumbup: ] has complied a list of bikes which use the new type R/R

Obviously they are USA codes, but should give you an idea of which bikes to look for in e-bay.


The bikes listed below all take the same RR, updated part number (finned) 31600-MV4-010. Note that the CBR600 F2->F4 is on the list, very populafr model. Find one on ebay, and you should be good.


Year Model
1989 PC800
1990 PC800
1991 CB250
1991 CBR600F2
1991 CBR600F2
1992 CB250
1992 CBR600F2
1992 CBR600F2
1993 CBR900RR
1993 CB250
1993 CBR600F2
1993 CBR600F2
1994 CBR900RR
1994 CB250
1994 PC800
1994 CBR600F2
1994 CBR600F2
1995 PC800
1995 CB250
1995 CBR900RR
1995 CBR600F3
1995 CBR600F3
1996 PC800
1996 CB250
1996 CBR900RR
1996 CBR600SJR
1996 CBR600F3
1996 CBR600SJR
1996 CBR600F3
1997 PC800
1997 CBR900RR
1997 CBR600F3
1997 CB250
1998 VT750CD2
1998 CBR600F3
1998 CBR900RR
1998 VT750CD
1998 CBR600SE
1998 PC800
1998 VT750C
1998 VTR1000F
1999 VT750CD2
1999 VTR1000F
1999 VT750CD
1999 CB250
1999 VT750C
1999 CBR900RR
1999 CBR600F4
2000 VT750C
2000 CB250
2000 CB250
2000 VTR1000F
2000 VT750CD
2000 VT750CD2
2000 CBR600F4
2001 CB250
2001 CB250
2001 VTR1000F
2001 VT750CD2
2001 VT750CD
2001 CBR600F4
2002 VTR1000F
2002 CB250
2002 CB250
2002 CBR600F4
2003 VTR1000F
2003 CB250
2003 CB250
2003 CBR600F4
2004 VTR1000F
2004 CB250
2004 CB250
2004 CBR600F4
2005 CB250
2005 CB250
2005 VTR1000F
2005 CBR600F4
2006 CB250
2007 CB250
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Re: Regulator / Rectifier Modification

Post by Leachy »

Absolutley spot on,cured my start-up probs and runs my H.I.D conversion too :clap: £10 off e-bay bargin as well!!
Thank You v much!!
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Re: Regulator / Rectifier Modification

Post by bigrich »

should this one on ebay be plug in and play? ... _642wt_905
Honda Britain 50th anniversary storm (26 of 50)
Carbon Hugger
Carbon undertray
Carbon LED indicators
Clear LED rear light
Shark Skinz Bellypan
Harris RearSets
Ohlins Steering Damper
Proflex suspension
Remus high level carbon cans/micron stubbys
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Post by bazza696 »

xxxrated wrote:tis spookie. i know some1 up there dont like me. just hope i havent fried any of the loom 8O
it could have been worse, when Sean Davies at colchester had mine in for balancing the carbs, he said my rec was on the way out, I ask how can he tell, quote` it sounds like you have f**cking jacussi under your seat, you should be lucky it didn't go bang with you on it'.

my rec was charing at just under 20volts, hence the loud fizzing under the seat, and these batteries are sealed.
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Re: Regulator / Rectifier Modification

Post by Sandyback »

Could somebody please tell me what size female connectors I need to buy to fit an R6 regulator?
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