A12 Unmarked cars

Where are the boys in blue hiding??????
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A12 Unmarked cars

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Spoken to a few lads in my club and one of them has told me that the police have been using unmarked white vans to clock people speeding, apparently they have issued 350 tickets for speeding and some in the excess of 120 MPH!, they have been doing this the last two weeks, Chelmsford being one of the hotspots, but there are various other places.

Just a warning for people.
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Re: A12 Unmarked cars

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Dunno about unmarked cars but the A12 is now bristling with shiny new rear facing average speed cameras.

Yep rear facing so get bikes to!

Apparently they are not live yet according to my sources which is just as well with the speeds I was doing on the way up there on Thursday.

Spindly things on yellow posts I thought they were just traffic cameras when I saw them.
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