Marc Márquez '

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Marc Márquez '

Post by MacV2 »

So apparently he has been cleared by the Doc's to race at the next round...

Portimao 16th April...Yes next weekend folks ! ... d-portimao

Now personal I dont really give a monkeys if he comes back or not... I am interested to see if he will be at the same level as before, will there be any doubt in his head that if he comes off again will it mangle his arm beyond repair ?

He has had some momentous offs in practice & made many miraculous saves, will he get away with it again ?

I doubt he will be able to get away unscathed again...

Time will tell
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Re: Marc Márquez '

Post by popkat »

Trouble is I'm sure I remember reading a quote once where he said to finish off the podium wasn't worth it. His talent and ability will still be there, his desire may well be there but he needs to be realistic, he's practiced on mini bikes and a road Rc213, exclusive bike but not quite the real thing. He can be a bit sensible and I'm sure he has a target of say top 10 but then what if Pol is up near the front, can he control himself, lol... I would think it'll only take him a couple of meetings to get back to form, hope the others can match him as it's been great with all the different winners.
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Re: Marc Márquez '

Post by alanfjones1411 »

Personally I think the racing is a lot better and more exciting without him.
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Re: Marc Márquez '

Post by lloydie »

alanfjones1411 wrote: Sat Apr 10, 2021 1:45 pm Personally I think the racing is a lot better and more exciting without him.
Agreed much better racing
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