Performance Bikes suspension set-up?

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Performance Bikes suspension set-up?

Post by Granty »

Anybody got a link to the text & data that those Performing Berks printed about setting up the VTR suspension please?

Also anybody tried the settings, and do they work?

Cheers :)
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Post by grinner »

I tried the PB settings but still found a tendancy for wallow.
Can't remember where I got these settings from but I haven't needed to change them yet;
Front; 4th ring just showing, 1 turn out
Rear; position 3, 0.5 turns out

Much better for all round stuff. The only thing I still find awkward is undulating corners, but a light touch on the bars seems to help.
Hope you find these usefull. I also have a suspension guide I can email you if you like, pretty much all you need to know.
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Post by dynamite »

i dont understand this suspension lingo wot does 4th ring,1 turn out,etc.........
Thanks Matt
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Post by SiJ »

Hey up Dynamite.

At the front, the adjustments mentioned are referring to the area where the forks come through the top yolk. You'll see a rectangular shape with rounded edges that has a gold flathead screw in the middle. The rectangular thing is the fork preload and the gold screw is the rebound damping adjustment. Ajust the preload with a 14mm open ended spanner and the rebound with a flat head screwdriver.

If you look down the side by the preload and rebound adjustment you'll see lots of rings engraved into the fork. This is whats being referred to as '4th ring showing' and is saying how much preload you need to add or remove. To set preload wind turn the rectangular screw either clockwise or anticlockwise until the correct ring is level with the fork top. To set the rebound wind the screw all the way in (clockwise) till its seated and then wind it back out (anticlockwise) the amount of turns specified.

This'll set the forks up.

If you have a look at the rear shock you will see at the top of it an adjuster ring with various notches on it. This is how you set the rear shock preload using the toolkit tools, To do the rear shock rebound have a look at the bottom of the shock on the rhs for a small gold screw again. This is the rebound damping and can be adjusted with a flathead screwdriver as per the front forks.

Hope this helps mate as its well worth setting your suspension up.
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Post by kingster »

I found this site while surfin recently...

It appears to have a lot of useful info about 'storm setup and is a very well designed site as a bonus.

Might be a few useful nuggets of info for you...

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Post by firestorm996 »


Resist the temptation to whack up the rear preload. Due to the design of the shock all you'll be doing is removing suspension travel. The VTR does have a tendency to weave at high speeds especially on the stock settings, but this can be cured in better ways than just stiffening everything up.

The best recommendation I can give is to visit Roger at Revolution (near Lancaster). You've no doubt heard his name before on this forum and will doubtless hear it again, and with good reason.

I rode around on all types of 'settings' for around 4 years, and struggled with the handling - it would either never steer the way I wanted it to, or soak up bumps, or it'd feel horrible under braking....basically it was never right. After 1 hour, Roger had set up front & rear sag correctly, and most importantly set the damping (crucial on a VTR especially with stock suspension). The difference was incredible. Both ends of the bike reacted the same over bumps, it steered great, felt great under braking, you name it. Unfortunately my engine was caked so I decided to sell the bike not long after. I bought another storm a few weeks ago and the first chance I got, it was in at Revolution to have the settings sorted out.

Acceptable suspension (but not great) is just about manageable with the stock suspension, but it's definitely worth getting an expert to dial it in. From memory (and I might be wrong) the best settings for an average weight rider on stock suspension had between 5-6 rings showing up front, and no more than the first notch of preload above minimum. The key is setting up the damping right so that front & rear react the same. If anyone wants, I will try to get some stock settings from Roger.
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Post by Granty »

Thanks everyone, the information on settings would indeed be very useful. Please post.
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